The principle of this modification is to achieve more direct drive from the transmission. By locking the torque converter we can prevent the constant hunting caused by locking and unlocking the converter. It is important we still maintain the factory driveability of the vehicle and this is why we choose to only lock the converter above 80km/h automatically. Below 70km/h the trans can tend to lug as it selects a taller gear and relies on the converter to slip. We have a secondary automatic low speed mode available to lock below this speed and when used in conjunction with the active select mode you can manually hold it down a gear and achieve engine breaking downhills.

Each kit supplied includes a speed sensing controller that controls when the lockup is on or off. This controller has two channels which has allowed us to create dual speed automatic modes.

We pre-program the default speeds which will work out of the box. these speeds are approx:

  • Low Speed Lock – 35km/h
  • Low speed un-lock 30km/h
  • Auto – Speed Lock – 80km/h
  • Auto – Speed un-lock – 75km/h

The Lockup Kit:

  • Reduces transmission temperatures up to 50 degrees C.
  • Prevents the slipping action and gear shuffling.
  • Reduces fuel usage when towing 3T caravan. Increases distance/ range.
  • 100% engine Breaking achievable downhill, 2nd gear and above.
  • Fully Automatic.


We recommend when fitting a lockup kit and towing 3T or more, a Reflash of the transmission control software also be considered. The benefits are,

  • Increased Shift performance, Faster shifting, smoother lockup, earlier upshift to save fuel economy when not towing.
  • Top gear selectable from lower speed (92km/h).
  • More direct selection using the ‘sports’ mode up and down.
  • Increased transmission pressure in low RPM to maintain sufficient clamping pressure to clutches.
  • Increased torque limiters to allow further engine torque to be utilised before torque reduction.
  • Possible 5th & 6th in low range (by request only)
  • Uses 1st Gear properly from standstill, not downshifting back after struggling in 2nd gear (often with a thud)


We also offer Landcruiser engine tuning that compliments our above products. This is available in stage 1 and stage 2.

Stage 1 is tailored to suit a standard vehicle exhaust with No exhaust modifications, Stage 2 is full exhaust replacement.

  • Increase in engine torque output by 100NM Stage 1 / 200NM Stage 2
  • Increased longevity of engine by, removal of EGR cycle without modification to engine or inlet.
  • Cleaner engine oil without mixing carbon build up.
  • Reduction in acceleration lag by remapping of torque request v rpm table. Not amplification of accel signal like ETC button.
  • Revised boost limiting tables to achieve peak boost at earlier RPM. Increase in overall factor limit to 16PSI. (12PSI STD)
  • AFR (Air to Fuel Ratio) conservative at 18:1 @1600RPM
  • No excessive black smoking under heavy acceleration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Allow 3 hours to complete install
  • The Switch included is a Dual Factory Switch that fits directly into the factory switch panels. (As pictured above)
  • Difference with our kit is we use constant 12v signal not PWM (pulse width modulation) – PWM still gives slippage which causes heat. Ours is 100% locked at the converter within our automatic speed settings.
  • Our controller is easily programmed with LCD screen and buttons no second guessing with a screw type PWM controller to get speed settings right
  • Also our settings cannot change with movement & vibration like other PWM controllers

Only the Toyota range listed below

  • 200 Series Land Cruiser Diesel and Petrol
  • Prado 2.8L Auto
  • Prado 3L Auto (150 Series)
  • Hilux 2.8L Auto
  • Hilux 3L 4 & 5 Speed
  • Fortuner 2.8L Auto
  • 100 Series Land Cruiser
  • Lexus 450D

Yes, we have a 4wd Chassis Dyno on site, and all of our remaps are extensively engineered and tested before we put them in any vehicle.

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