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Land Cruiser 300 series

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Transmission & Engine Remapping – Richards Real Lock 100% Automatic Torque Converter Lockup Kit Full Land Cruiser Builds – Call us today for a quote

LC200 Lock up kits

Land Cruiser 200 Series lock up kits. All models.
Increase your fuel range by up to 3L per 100km. Call …

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TOYOTA 2.8L AUTO AC60F Automatic Lockup Kit NOW AVAILABLE!

Development is complete and wow what a difference!
No more Hunting and no longer is top gear so elusive!!
Lower transmission temps and gain up to 20% better fuel efficiency.

Available for all vehicles using Toyota’s AC60F, 6 speed Automatic transmissions. This includes:

2.8L Prado 150 series Auto.
Toyota Hilux 2.8L Auto.
Toyota Fortuner 2.8L Auto

Lockup kit’s and Remapping

The principle of this modification is to achieve more direct drive from the transmission. By locking the torque converter we can prevent the constant hunting caused by locking and unlocking the converter. It is important we still maintain the factory driveability of the vehicle and this is why we choose to only lock the converter above 80km/h automatically...

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Land Cruiser Upgrades

Richards Auto Electrical have been in the automotive industry 3 generations. We pride ourselves on providing the latest and greatest technologies to solve our customers requests. We have experimented with many different projects and have had the opportunity to refine a range of products tailered to the Land Cruiser 200 Series...

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Workshop & Facilities

Our new custom built showroom and workshop facilities were completed in June 2014. We now have the ability to work on all kinds machinery large or small. We offer all auto electrical services and are equiped to service your needs...

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