Richards Auto Electrical have been in the automotive industry 3 generations. We pride ourselves on providing the latest and greatest technologies to solve our customers requests. We have experimented with many different projects and have had the opportunity to refine a range of products tailered to the Land Cruiser 200 Series. This range includes our popular Transmission Torque converter lock up controller, DBA slotted T3 Braking upgrade all round and of course our partnership of Manta performance high flow exhaust and Sting performance chip upgrades. Our latest development had been in conjunction with Quadrant Suspension in Melbourne developing a unique valve calibration for the application of Bilstein Shock Absorbers with King Spring coils. This package will deliver an un-comprimised setup that allows soft yet compliment comfort dampening at low speed and ramps to provide the necessary compression and rebound for those endless corrugated and unpredictable off road tracks. We have the ability of testing each upgrade across two test vehicles under all conditions across remote Australia. Trust Richards Auto to deliver quality upgrades that has the backing of our team who know it will work, without compromise.

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