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The principle of this modification is to achieve more direct drive from the transmission. By locking the torque converter we can achieve a more direct gear and prevent the constant hunting caused by locking and unlocking the converter. It is important we still maintain the factory driveability of the vehicle and this is why we choose to only lock the converter above 80km/h automatically. Below 70km/h the trans can tend to lug as it selects a taller gear and relies on the converter to slip. We have a secondary automatic low speed mode available to lock below this speed and when used in conjunction with the active select mode you can manually hold it down a gear and achieve engine breaking downhills.
Each kit supplied includes a speed sensing controller that controls when the lockup is active or inactive, This controller has two channels which has allowed us to create dual speed automatic modes.
We pre program the default speeds which will work out of the box. these speeds are approx.
Low Speed Lock – 35km/h
Low speed un-lock 30km/hunknown
High Speed Lock – 78km/h
High Speed un-lock – 72km/h
All speeds can be programmed to suit specific applications such as tyres and diff ratios. this is done through dip select switches and the controllers internal LED display.
The Switch included is as per the picture below. It is a 3 way ON OFF ON switch with dual LED lights.  Green and amber lights indicate the mode that is active i.e. High Speed, Low Speed or off.
The switch is slightly larger than the factory blank but fits very nice with a small amount of filling.
We suggest the use of the lock up kit not be limited of just off road. We use it in the high speed automatic mode at all times as below 72km/h the vehicle does not lockup factory however once lockup speed is achieved the controller will lock up the converter without the need to think about it. The feel is not harsh and the gearshifts will become crisp. No longer will the vehicle feel so hesitant to select a gear when you accelerate.
Loaded or towing Fuel consumption can be up to 3L /100km better and when just driving using the high
speed automatic lock up function we have saved 10% from just the lockup.
Our lockup controller is suitable for both Petrol and Diesel models with 5 or 6 speed transmissions.
We offer a kit for international customers who wish to fit it to European Built Land Cruiser 200 series vehicles.
Call Stefan to discuss getting an Automatic lock Up kit for your 200 series.
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