LOCKUP KIT TO SUIT LAND CRUISER 100 Petrol & Diesel Now Available!

Same operation as LC200 but now available across the Trusted 100 Series Platform.


Toyota Prado 150 Auto LockUp Kits

Now Available, Toyota Prado 150 series 5 speed Automatic Lock Up Kits.

Richards Auto Electrical can now apply the same benefits of our LC200 lock up kit across the Toyota Prado 150 series.

This is a huge benefit for towing as it prevents the constant hunting and changing gears while maintaining lower transmission temperatures. a Lock Up kit allows you to take full advantage of the torque output from your D4D engine.

Simplicity is key! Our kit is entirely automatic. Truely SET & FORGET!

Gains of up to 2L / 100km.

* Extended your Range.

* Lower your transmission temperature

* Maintain Lockup without having to manually manipulate the throttle.

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LC200 Lock up kits


Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series lock up kits selling fast, new batch just finished and ready to send! Call us today! 08 8532 1411